The Murex Trunculus Underwater

Being Taken Out of the Sea

Attached to Rocks

Close Up

Being Cracked Open

Cracked Open

Cracked Open

Cracked Open

דם חלזון

The Wool Being Dyed

ונתנו על ציצית הכנף פתיל תכלת


The Torah commands us to place strings of ציצית with a strand of Techeiles – תכלת (alternate spellings include: Techailes, t’cheiles, t’chelet, techelet and tekhelet and more…) upon our four cornered garments.

On this site we welcome you to explore the identity of the חלזון and תכלת, and the reason for its disappearance. We hope you will discover that today we can once again produce this ancient dye, and finally practice this long lost מצוה.



Rav Asher Weiss Shlit”a: No Down Side to Wearing Murex Techeiles

Rav Asher Weiss Shlit"a is of the opinion that the murex is not the correct source for techeiles. In this recent shiur, Rav Weiss make it very clear that if one does wear murex, there is no down side.

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A short response to: “The Case Against the Murex”'s responses, point by point, to R' Reisman Shlit"a's case against the Murex.

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Here you will find various Seforim, Shiurim, Articles, and original Sources on the topic of תכלת.

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